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Day Tour in Tilaurakot

Day Tour in Tilaurakot

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Tilaurakot: Tilaurakot was the capital of the Shakya kingdom of Kapilvastu.Shakya king ruled the kingdom from the Hamsavati palace, which you can see even in these days also.Tilaurakot is 28 km west from Lumbini lies on the banks of the Bhagirathi(Banganga) river.

According to Buddhist literary sources mention, read by Pink Mountain Treks and Expedition, Nepal's trek and tour agency's team underlined the lines that, the children banished from the Kosala kingdom established the city by the Nineth-Eightth centuries BC.The banished princes and princesses walked northward towards the foot of the himalayas.At about the same time Kapila Brahmin was practising penance at the sal forest on the slopes of the Himalayas besides a lotus pool.Upon his suggestion the banished princes cleared the Saka forest and build a city on the hermitage of sage Kapila and named it Kapilvastu after the name of the sage Kapila.There after they were known as Sakyas.The word Sakya mean 'of or belonging to the Saka tree'.The Saka is the tree known at present as sal (shorea robusta).

Suddhodana, the father of enlightened ones, was became a king of Kapilvastu, after the 8th generation of the banished princes.Maya Devi was the name of his wife, princess from Koliyas Kingdom of Ramagrama aka Devadaha.Pink Mountain Treks and Expedition, Trek operator agency in Nepal already mention about the how Maya Devi conceived Buddha on her womb.

Siddhartha was grow up in Tilaurakot royal palace.Sent to school and learn under Visvamitra.Was married to Yasodhara, the daughter of Dandapani, King of Devadaha at the age of 16.After his marriage, he was appointed Yuvraj and governer of a neighbouring town.He have a son, at his age of 29.

In the midnight of Monday,Full moon and constellation, when he was Twenty Nine years old,Siddhartha accompanied his charioteer Channa, he left the palace riding on his favourite horse, Kanthaka, leaving his seven day old son Rahula and his lovely wife Yashodhara.He departed through the east gate of the city, called Mangala-Dwara or Lucky Gate and paused a short time beyond the gate to look back at the city, where these days we can find the stupa of Kanthaka's Return.Later, this eastern gate also come to be known as Mahabhiniskramana Dwara or the gate through which lord Buddha left his worldly life.Recent visit of Pink Mountain's team find lots of exavation is going on at Tilaurakot under the taking care of Archaeological department of Nepal.If you will be at there you can easily find the all the gates of old Palace and pool, pond and other rooms of the Buddha's father's palace.

Nyagrodha: Nyagrodha or Nyagrodharama is also known as Kudan.Pink Mountain Treks and Expedition, which is operating trekking in Nepal, tour in Nepal,  travels in Nepal, holidays in Nepal, which is prepare Buddhist circuit tour in Nepal is going to discribe about Nyagrodharama.

The Buddha, who was respectfully known as TATHAGAT, had been away from Kapilvastu for more then seven years and had received no news of his family or friends during this time.King Suddhodana was overwhelmed with joy when he heard that his son, siddhartha, had attained Enlihtenment,he immediately sent the Buddha's Childhood friend Kaladayi and Channa to the bamboo forest monastery at Rajgriha, where Buddha was staying.The Buddha's heart was warmed by the news that his dear friends brought from Kapilvastu and replied–I will return to the Kapilvastu after the rainy season.

when Suddhodana saw his son near to the street(was actually Nyagrodha's street) of the Kapilvastu, he steps walked toward the Buddha.The Buddha approached calmly and slowly to great his father.

Father said–Siddhartha !

The Buddha replied–Father !

Nagasamala, fellow of Buddha, came and took the Buddha's begging bowl,enabling him to take hold of king 's hand.Tears streamed down the king's wrinkled cheeks as the Buddha gazed his father,his eyes filled with loving warmth.Suddhodana understood that Siddhartha was no longer the crown prince but a respected spritual teacher.

Nine days after he had left Kapilvastu, Kaludayi had met the Buddha and the three hundred bhikkhus travelling with him.At the Kaludayi's suggestion, the king had built a monastery for the Buddha and Bhikkhus at Nyagrodharama park few miles southeast of Kapilvastu.It was there Buddha and the bhikkhus resided..Pink mountain Treks and Expedition,Nepal's  best trip organizer find very beautiful and mind blowing architect on bricks of Nyagrodharama.

Gautami(step mother of Buddha) and Yasodhara visited Buddha at Nyagrodharama.The Buddha stayed for fourty days at the Nyagrodha monestery during his first visit.This was the place where he met his father for the first time after his Enlightenment.

Gotihawa: Gotihawa is one of the most important archaeological sites in Buddhist Circuit–Basanta Bidari, former chief of the Archaeological department of Nepal, told to Pink Mountain Treks and Expedition, which operate touristic activities in Nepal.This site lies about Seven kms south west of Tilaurakot and Two kms west to the Nyagrodharama and about Thirty one kms west of Lumbini.The whole area is littered with ancient pottery, bricks and brickbats.The site comprises mostly structures like stupas and monasteries.At the centre of the main mound lies an Asokan Pillar of which the upper portion has brokenoff and long since gone missing.

This place is of special significance to Buddhist the world over.It is believed that the Kakruchhanda Buddha, One of the earlier Buddha before Shakyamuni Buddha, the twenty-second of the twenty four Buddhas, was born and attained nirvana in this holy place.

Niglihawa:Niglihawa or Nigli sagar is situated nearly 8 kms north-east of Taulihawa and 32 kms north-west of Lumbini.It is a very important archaeological site in this region.It features a large manmade pool, which is commonly known as Nigali Sagar.Close to the pool lie two pieces of a broken Asokan pillar.The lower part o pillar is emerging in a slanted position from the ground. The upper part ormerly lay at the edge of the pool half sank in the water.It is believed that the Kanakmuni Buddha, one of the earlier Buddhas before Shakyamuni Buddha, the twenty third in the list of tweny four Buddhas was born, Enlightened and met his father in this place.

Sagarhawa: To the north-west of the Tilaurakot, there are several hundred thousands of stupas, indicating the spot where the members o the Sakya tribe were slaughtered, is called Sagarhawa. Sagarhawa is located about 3 km north from Tilaurakot.Locally it is called Lambu(long) Sagar(pond).It is the site where the Sakyas were massacred.The ancient ruins are situated on the west and south banks of the large manmade pond.Virudhaka-raja, having subdued the Sakyas, and captured the members of their tribes to the numbers of 9990 myriads of people, then ordered them to be slaughtered.They piled their bodies like straw, and their blood was collected in lakes.The Devas moved the hreats of the men to collect their bones and bury them.

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Day 01:7.30AM Drive to Tilaurakot for Tilaurakot Durbar tour 10.00AM Tour to Kudan 11.30AM Lunch at Taulihawa 12.30PM Drive to Gotihawa tour 2.15PM Tour to Niglihawa, Twins stpa and Sagarhawa 5.15PM Drive back to your Hotel.

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Day 17.30AM Drive to Tilaurakot for Tilaurakot Durbar tour 10.00AM Tour to Kudan 11.30AM Lunch at Taulihawa 12.30PM Drive to Gotihawa tour 2.15PM Tour to Niglihawa, Twins stpa and Sagarhawa 5.15PM Drive back to your Hotel.

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